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Med Spa Advantages in NJ

What are Med Spa advantages in NJ?

Medical spas continuously become popular in many parts of the world in recent years. In the US alone, there were more than 4,000 med spas identified as of 2017, making them one of the country’s fastest-growing business sectors.
A med spa provides more specialized and advanced treatments designed to offer long-term solutions to many skin and health conditions. By combining the relaxing and professional environments of a day spa and a medical clinic, medical spas have been effective in attracting more patients. Because of the great results med spa patients are getting, they do not hesitate to come back.



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Essential Benefits of Medical Spas

Here are six reasons why more and more customers visit med spas:


  1. Soothing environment.

    With the stressful lifestyle that most adults are having nowadays, which can adversely affect their health, a spa holiday is much needed every once in a while. Medical spas offer a calming environment which allows you to experience maximum relaxation while receiving cosmetic treatment. In addition to the soothing atmosphere, the fact that you’ll be treated by a medical expert will further ease your mind.


  1. State-of-the-art equipment.

    To consistently deliver the best results that their patients deserve, med spas stay update with their facilities and practices. Different medical tests are carried out using advanced technologies that help understand the patient’s actual condition. This then allows the med spa staff to identify and personalize treatment plans that can benefit the patient the most.


  1. Various treatment options.

    One of the perks of visiting a med spa that every spa-goer would attest to is gaining access to a variety of treatment options. These up-to-date procedures include anti-aging therapies, laser treatments, Botox, chemical peels, skin resurfacing, Juvederm injections, derma fillers, massage services, and many more.


  1. Professional services from medical experts.

    What makes med spas different from traditional day spas is that a medical doctor is present who either supervises or performs a procedure. Because of this, patients are more confident that the treatments they’re receiving are guaranteed. They get to enjoy the services of a certified and medically trained professional without actually going to a medical clinic.


  1. Safe and effective treatments.

    The cosmetic services offered in med spas are noninvasive and require a short recovery period. Plus, they are carried out by trained professionals using advanced equipment. This assures patients that the procedures performed on them are safe and effective.


  1. Treatment of long-term health conditions.

    Medical spas do not only offer relaxation and aesthetic enhancement services, but also solutions to some long-term health problems. For example, if you are having a heart problem, their med spa specialists can help you address the symptoms and offer alternative treatment methods. Also, if you’re struggling with other issues such as weight management, difficulty in sleeping, or smoking addiction, med spas provide programs that best fit your particular needs. These programs can help improve your well-being in the long run.


What sets apart medical spas in New Jersey from the rest

New Jersey is one of the states in the US where the growth of medical spas is very evident. They grow not only in quantity but also in terms of the quality of their services. That means most med spas in NJ are upgrading to cope with the increasing needs of their clients and to comply with the state’s regulations for med spas.


The International Medical Spa Association, a trade group based in New Jersey requires the operation of a med spa under the full supervision of licensed health care professional. The facility must function in a spa-like setting providing traditional, complementary, and alternative health care treatments and practices. Also, medical spas should offer services within the scope of practice of their staff.


Moreover, states differ in their requirements for performing procedures in med spas. New Jersey is among those with the toughest requirements. For example, the state recognizes laser treatments as a medical procedure. As such, only licensed doctors are allowed to use medical lasers for cosmetic purposes.


Also, the physicians are not supposed to delegate the procedures to non-physicians. This is to ensure a patient’s safety. On the other hand, procedures such as Botox injections and fillers can be administered by other medical practitioners including physician assistants or registered nurses.


Choosing the med spa that’s right for you

With the number of med spas being around, choosing which one is perfect for your needs is not easy. The unavailability of national standards for medical spas as of present makes the task even more challenging. Therefore, you must do a careful evaluation of your potential med spa before undergoing any treatment.


If you are in New Jersey and looking for an exceptional place to spend your next med spa holiday, consider Inspire Med Spa as your top choice. A trusted med spa in NJ, they’re great at helping people look and feel great.

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