Physician Services

Keeping the “Medical“ in Medical Spa:

Over the years there has been an increase in popularity among medical spas. Medical spas are preferred to ordinary spas because they offer alternative health practices and treatments, while still maintaining the traditional spa setting. Medical spas facilitate under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional, who has the ability to recommend higher grade products that will show greater results.


Physician Services

The services include but are not limited too:

  • Physicals / Checkups
  • Pap-smears

It is crucially important, whenever getting a cosmetic procedure, that a license physician is present. Perhaps the main advantage for a medical spa is a strong licensed staffed especially a physician who supervises procedures that are provided. Regular spas offer complex services under no supervision, which increase health risks. Many cosmetic products such as Botox, lip injections, and even common services like massages can be a health risk when done improperly. At a medical spa the staff is equipped to handle these procedures and are guided under the surveillance of a physician.


Restorative Health and Wellness services