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Do you want to show perfect eyebrows every day, Microblading is the option. Microblading, or also known as Eyebrow Embroidery, is a form of tattooing, but less invasive, considered a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure.  It consists of placing with a manual handheld tool a pigment under your skin drawing tiny strokes simulating natural hairs together with your own brows. This will not affect the natural growth of your hair at all. Microblading procedure doesn’t hurt.  There are a number of ointments that are applied to numb the skin area before it starts. The sound of the blade may feel uncomfortable for some people. There may be some itching and flaking during the healing process. For best results, it is recommended to complete Microblading procedure in two visits.  For most, it will last from one to three years depending on the skin type and skincare routine.


Right after or within 2-3 hours of the Microblading procedure wash out the ointment off the brows using sterile water and gauze pad.  Keep face completely away from shower stream and when washing the hair try to avoid at most to wet your face keeping it as dry as possible.  As a basic maintenance it is important to follow these steps: the face cannot get wet for up to 10 days, that includes during a shower. To protect the eyebrows a thick amount of an over the counter skin care ointment good for minor wounds should be applied to the area prior to showering.  Makeup should be avoided for at least 2 weeks. Do not touch or tug the area if you see any scabs. It would take up to 5 weeks to completely healed. If Microblading procedure is not handled properly, infections can occur. Use sterile and high quality equipment to avoid any skin issues. Avoid waxing, plucking, threading or any type of hair removal within 3 days of the procedure.  Do not drink coffee or anything that contains caffeine during the day of the procedure. Do not drink alcohol 24 hours prior the procedure. As with any procedure, a reputable place should be selected to make sure you receive the optimus results you are expecting and are paying for.

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