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Men Get Botox, Too.

Women have always been held to a higher beauty standard than men. They seem to be the ones who were always looking for anti-aging methods, skin rejuvenation methods, and just trying to keep that youthful appearance they once had. But that gap is slowly closing. In 2015, a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that the number of men getting injections increased by 337 percent since 2000. But why?

Recently, men have been feeling more pressured to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market. Men who have tried Botox tend to look better, feel better, and believe it gives them a competitive edge. Not to mention that there is less of a stigma associated with cosmetic procedures these days. Metrosexuality and a quick fix with no downtime account for the increasing number of men getting this procedure, but according to the study, the economy plays a role as well. A youthful appearance allows men—and women—to generate more revenue than their older looking peers, which is an important asset in a leaner workforce.

We live in a youth focused world. Younger looking men are often pegged as smarter, more skilled, and happier than their older looking counterparts. Men seemingly fear competition with a younger man. Significant others encourage these types of procedures as well. Some men blame their wives or girlfriends, saying that they don’t necessarily care about how they may look, but their spouse wanted them to do it. Most doctors also agree that after seeing people close to them get a Botox procedure done, some men are more inclined to do it a try.

We can’t forget about the social media aspect. We are becoming a more visual society, and appearance is everything. Everyone wants to look good. Some doctors have seen men and women come in to get Botox because they were having their online profile picture updated.

As men are increasingly going in for Botox procedures, in comes the facilities made strictly for men. Faux snakeskin wallpaper, black urinals, giant flat screen televisions with Sports Illustrated playing 24/7, all in a facility with a gentlemen’s club or sports bar is the feel for one well known facility. The term Brotox has been coined since men have been showing up in increasing numbers to get do a little touching up.

Although we are a society more concerned with looks, we should also remember that Botox has other uses as well. In addition to getting rid of our fine lines and wrinkles, Botox can also be used to treat migraines as well as excessive sweating.


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