Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy​

What is Low Dose Naltrexone?

Low dose Naltrexone is an FDA approved prescription medication used in the treatment of cancer and certain autoimmune diseases. Low dose Naltrexone helps in reducing pain and inflammation in the body caused by a variety of conditions and can make the life of the patient more comfortable and productive, especially those suffering from chronic conditions. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

Activation of the immune system: Low dose Naltrexone has shown promising results in several studies. LDN has been shown to activate the immune system helping in the fight of certain diseases and conditions such as Cancer, IBS, HIV, Lupus, and many more chronic illnesses. An activated immune system gets to work fighting ailments and can help in the battle with many of these conditions.

Low dose Naltrexone is economical: As LDN is not backed by any major drugs companies, the cost of production, manufacturing, and distribution remain low. The major drugs companies are businesses that require big profit and LDN does not offer them enough of a profit margin for them to back it. This is a good thing as it allows patients to purchase it at a fair price.

Low dose naltrexone does not treat symptoms as such but works in conjunction with your bodies mechanisms to enable it to fight the root of the issue and allow the body to heal itself. Cure is better than maintenance, and LDN helps in the battle for wellness.


How does it work?

Low dose Naltrexone targets both the opioid growth factor and opioid growth factor receptors and inhibits cell proliferation. Opioid growth factor (OGW) regulates the growth of cancerous cells, and all know cancer cells use OGF-OGFr pathway for growth regulation.

Low dose Naltrexone also works in conjunction with the bodies endorphins. Endorphins are most commonly noted for playing a role in mood control. However, they are also known to play a role in immune system regulation, pain regulation and the growth of cells.

LDN blocks the opioid receptors and the reception of endorphins for several hours each night. This is thought to help the body by increasing the amount of metenkephalin or endorphins which are natural opioids produced by the body thus helping boost and strengthen the immune system. The therapeutic effects that LDN provides the body through harnessing the bodies natural defenses can prove to be a better option the toxic drugs provided as treatment for illness.

Who can benefit from it?

Low dose Naltrexone is probably not very well known by your GP due to the fact that major drugs companies have not backed it, regardless of more than twenty years FDA approval. In standard high doses, LDN can be used to treat drug and alcohol addiction (from 50mg-300mg.)In low dose formulations from 3-4.5mg, Naltrexone is used for immunomodulating and help in the fight against Cancer, hepatitis C, Lupus, Ulcerative colitis, Autism, Chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, Parkinsons and Alzheimers and fibromyalgia.

So if you bare looking for a way to boost your bodies immune defenses and activate your immune system to better fight and manage chronic illness, low dose Naltrexone should be one of the first options for you to try.