Lash & Eyebrow

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Lash lift is a semi-perpetual treatment that curls  your lashes pleasantly upward, improving what an individual as of now has.  This style includes longer eyelash augmentations in the focal point of the eye and unpretentiously goes down long at the two corners, to help open up the eyes.  If you don’t anticipate wearing mascara consistently, you can tweak your outcomes from the state of the twist to adding a tint to the eyelashes.  The procedure is commonly easy and painless.



Lash Extensions are applied each in turn utilizing a special formula, semi-lasting that won’t disturb the eye nor harm the common lash.  Allergic responses are conceivable, so there are various kinds of glue dependent on one’s affectability. There are three lash options: fiber (synthetic, silk and faux-mink), length and curl type.  A menu will be given to help direct the interview and decide the lash augmentation that will best accommodate your style.

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An eyebrow configuration includes speaking with the esthetician about the most ideal approaches to shape your brows to outline your eyes and face.



Eyebrow henna is a type of eyebrow tinting that is utilized to recolor the skin underneath the temples hairs. The motivation behind this is to thrown a shadow or create the visual of depth and fullness within the area.


Microblading is a semi-lasting tattoo procedure used to make the appearance of more full eyebrows.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]