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Dermal Fillers from Inspire Med Spa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are materials that are injected into the face to restore volume and fullness, as well as reduce facial lines. As we grow old, faces naturally lose a layer of fat called the subcutaneous fat. This makes the facial muscles to work closer to the skin, causing smile lines and crow’s feet to become more apparent.
In addition to this loss of subcutaneous fat, the face also stretches out a bit with time, contributing to the loss of facial volume.
There are a couple of factors that contribute to loss of facial volumes such as exposure to sunlight, heredity, and lifestyle.
Various people and institutions have different names for dermal fillers. They can be known as injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, or wrinkle fillers. It is also important to note that the FDA has approved these medical device implants.
Fillers are usually made out of materials such as Juvaderm, Collagen, Restylane, Sculptra, Captique etc.
Another important point to note is that the type of filler to be used is based on individual and procedure type.

Benefits of facial fillers

As has already been stated above, facial fillers add volume to the face giving it more life and youthfulness.
Facial fillers are particularly good news for those individuals who experience premature aging. Facial fillers can help them conceal evident early aging signs.
During facial rejuvenation surgeries, the facial fillers can be used as part of the value added to a client’s face.
Facial fillers are used on thin lips to plump them up, giving them volume that is considered more attractive in the modern day.
Use of facial fillers can soften facial creases and wrinkles on a person’s face, consequentially making it looks more rejuvenated and younger.
The contours of the face may sometimes appear to be shallower than desired. This problem can be solved by facial fillers which enhance the contours by making them more pronounced and attractive.
Sometimes an individual may have a recessed scar on their face, and they are not very comfortable with it. Facial fillers in that case help with improving the appearance of these scars by adding volume to them and getting rid of their sunken appearance.
It is often apparent that our eyes do change a lot with time because of loss of volume, especially in the lower lids. The shadow of the lower lids of the eyes can either be decreased or removed by using facial features.

Results of fillers

Immediately when a client uses the fillers, the results begin to manifest. Restoration of the facial volume becomes apparent from the time of actual use.
Fillers can last for anytime between a few months and a year. The period that facial filler lasts is often dependent on the type of filler that was used because some do last longer than others.
When looking for long-term effects such as facelift, brow lift and eye lift, this form of treatment may not be very suitable. A more intense and solving method like plastic surgery would be better suited in this case because the facial filling is not a long-term solution.
For those people who seek a long-term result from these fillers, there is need to have a plan for several treatment cycles. This ongoing facial filling will in the end yield more consistent and sustainable results.

Discuss facial fillers with a specialist.

Just like any other treatment procedure, it is advisable to visit your specialist for professional help and opinion on which dermal filler will be most suited for you. Remember, you are a unique individual and what works for one person is not what necessarily works for you.

Inspire Med Spa

At Inspire Med wellness spa, a dermal filling is available. With trained specialists that you can rely on to give you advice on the use of dermal fillers, Inspire Med Spa is the ultimate go-to for all matters dermal filling.
We are committed to making you look and feel beautiful![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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