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Mommy Makeover Procedures

As women from all walks prepare to be showered with love and gifts this Mother’s Day, one gift that can be given is the opportunity to be refreshed and rejuvenated with a mommy makeover. Celebrate motherhood everyday. Here are some of the procedures offered at Inspire Med Spa to get your mom feeling back to her old self in virtually no time.



Get rid of that stubborn belly fat or love handles with SmartLipo. SmartLipo, unlike traditional liposuction, uses a laser to liquefy fat. It is minimally invasive, and while removing unwanted fat deposits, it tones and firms loose skin resulting in a youthful firm finish. It has quickly become as popular as “lunchtime procedures,” as the whole process takes about 2-3 hours depending on areas being treated. The procedure has minimal downtime of about one to two days to which normal activities can be achieved. Full results can be seen within a few weeks and results can be permanent with proper maintenance.



Botox is commonly used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has the ability to relax the muscles used to create facial expressions, giving a more youthful look. Whether a client is looking for a “frozen” look, a rejuvenated or youthful look, our Botox strategists can help achieve the look desired. Botox can also even be used to help treat migraines and excessive sweating. Visual effects from Botox can be seen in as little as three days and last up to four months.


Carboxy Therapy

This is the newest, simple technique to dramatically improve the appearance of skin, cellulite and stretch-marks by increasing the metabolism of adipose (fat) tissue and improving the quality and firmness of the skin. When injected into the area via a special technique, carbon dioxide is toxic to fat cells. Fat cells literally burst and are eliminated by the body. It’s safe for all skin types and since it’s a noninvasive procedure, there is no downtime.



This is the most common treatment for varicose spider vein removal. This involves injecting a solution directly into the vein. The solution causes the vein to scar and collapse, forcing the blood to reroute through healthier veins. The collapsed veins are absorbed by local tissue and eventually fade. Several treatments may be needed depending on size of area. Legs and arms are best treated.


Dermal Fillers

Help mom get back her youthful look with a “liquid facelift.” Dermal fillers are the alternative for cosmetic surgery and are good for plumping lips, filling shallow areas, and removing lines and wrinkles. Treat lips, smokers lines, jaw lines, under the eyes and plenty more areas. Depending on the area, it generally takes a short time to complete and has no downtime.


Wax/Laser Hair Removal

Reveal smooth, clean skin with either of our hair removal services. Our expert aestheticians only use the highest quality products on the market for waxes. And for the laser, the aestheticians match the laser to the client’s skin tone. Both results are long lasting and leaves skin looking clear and fresh.


There are a lot of other med spa services to help mom feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Such as IV Vitamin Therapy to replenish energy, rid sickness and kickstart weight loss, among other benefits. We offer a variety of spa facials to rejuvenate skin. Colonics to rid the body of unwanted waste. This Mother’s Day, give your mom the special treat of virtually turning back the hands of time to keep her happy and healthy.


Consult with our physicians here at Inspire Med Spa to figure out what’s best for your number one lady!


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Bodybuilder Boost Checklist

It’s almost the time of year to step out flawlessly on the beach and soak in all those warm sun rays. Are you summertime ready? And it’s not just for the women–men too can also make sure they are swimsuit ready in virtually no time at all. At Inspire Med Spa, we can help you reach those body goals and make you look and feel like your best self just in time to take on the most anticipated season. Here are a few ways that you can prepare.


“Vision creates faith and faith creates willpower. With faith there is no anxiety and no doubt – just absolute confidence in yourself.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Removing Fat & Toning 


Have you been constantly hitting the gym, but you just can’t seem to get rid of that stubborn area that haunts you? SmartLipo might be the way to go on this one. SmartLipo is the surgical use of a laser to liquefy fat to easily remove fat deposits from between the skin and muscle. Quite different from traditional liposuction, it has an improved comfort level and minimized postoperative discomfort. Use SmartLipo to contour and tighten your skin with minimal tissue trauma and recover quickly, seeing results much sooner than with traditional lipo. With proper maintenance of diet and exercise, results from SmartLipo can be permanent. Step out in total confidence.

Carboxy Therapy

If you feel a little self-conscience about those stretch marks or cellulite, carboxy therapy might be the right choice for you. Via a special injection technique, carbon dioxide is toxic to fat cells. Fat cells burst and are eliminated by the body. Treatments are quick and comfortable and have no downtime. Maintenance may be required for continued results and final results are seen several weeks after the treatment series.



“Rule of thumb: Eat for what you’re going to be doing and not for what you have done. Don’t take in more than you’re willing to burn off.” – Lee Haney



Improving Skin


Varicose and spider veins can appear on our legs for a variety of reasons and can be really difficult to get rid of. Have no fear, though, because it is possible to rid them. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the vein that causes the vein to scar and collapse, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins. Collapsed veins reabsorb into local tissue and eventually fade. Full results are seen after a few weeks, so if there are any big events planned, give yourself some time to get this procedure done!

Hair Removal

Remove all that unwanted body hair! Our wax services are available for a variety of areas. Our expert aestheticians use the highest quality waxing products to ensure the best and long lasting smooth look you desire with minimal discomfort. Looking for an even longer lasting procedure? Try our laser hair removal service. Our medical aestheticians will examine your skin and match you with the type of laser best suited to your skin tone. Depending on the size and area being treated, your aesthetician will advise you on how many treatments you will need and how to prep and maintain after the procedure is completed.

Chemical Peel

Improve the texture and look of your facial skin and remove fine lines and wrinkles with one of our chemical peel treatments. Chemical peels offer a variety of benefits including a reduction of pore size, clearing blemishes, more balanced oil production, and an overall healthier appearance.

Taking care of our insides

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin therapy has become the new craze among celebrities. We offer this treatment right here at Inspire Med Spa. A custom IV drip of essential vitamins could be just what you need to beat fatigue, clear your skin, combat sickness, help you lose weight, and more. Finish off your checklist with an IV therapy treatment to seal the look and feel you are going for this season.


Rid your body of unwanted toxins and kickstart your weight loss journey with colon hydrotherapy. Not only that, colonics is beneficial for a more effective digestive system, preventing constipation, increasing your energy levels, and much more. Though colonics is for removing waste and not fat, some patients even report weight loss or feeling lighter after a session. Colonics helps with weight loss if you increase your fiber intake, drink lots of water, and get plenty of exercise. So, not only will you look better, you will feel better too.

“Being negative and lazy is a disease that leads to pain, hardships, depression, poor health and failure. Be proactive and give a damn to achieve success!” – Phil Heath


Look and feel better with a variety of treatments offered by our specialists and doctors.



Let Inspire Med Spa help you reach your overall health and body goals. Contact us now to see what treatments are best for you. Give us a call at 201-933-2333




Aesthetics Cosmetics Events Med Spa Related Post Smart Lipo

Valentine’s Day is coming up…here are some things you can do to get ready

It’s almost that time of year to celebrate love. We at Inspire Med Spa are here to help you get prepped for your big romantic day. Here are some of the less invasive procedures that you can do to get ready for the day’s events.



Take off that stubborn unwanted fat with SmartLipo. This minimally invasive and quick laser liposuction will have you date ready. Discomfort after the procedure is minor and can be treated with over the counter meds. SmartLipo liquefies the fat deposits to make them easier to remove. Results are typically visible within a few days.


Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are natural based. This lunchtime procedure will have you date ready within a couple of days as well. Restore the youthfulness to your face, plump your lips, and enhance shallow contours in your face, hands, and anywhere you see fit. There is no downtime. So you’ll be ready for Valentine’s Day in no time!



Colon hydrotherapy is an alternative medicine therapy that helps to clear the colon of unwanted toxins. In the procedure, a medical instrument called a speculum is inserted into the anus and attached to tubing to drain the feces. The colon is flushed with repeated doses of warmed water. Benefits of the procedure include a more efficient digestive system, increase of energy, and kick-starting weight loss. The process lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. People have reported feeling lighter and immediate weight loss after the procedure.


Photo Facials:

We offer a variety of facials for a wide range of skin conditions and concerns. Your skin will always be in expert hands with our licensed estheticians and nurses. Our goal is to find the most effective methods to correct skin problems, regenerate, nurture, and replenish your skin using a full line of physician-grade customized facial treatments.


IV Vitamin Therapy:

Intravenous vitamin therapy is a custom-made IV drip that’s injected directly into the bloodstream and has been the craze amongst celebrities. IV therapy helps with weight loss, fatigue, hangovers, skin problems, energy, strength, and sickness. Treatment lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and has no downtime. Most patients report seeing results after the first treatment.


 Consult with us at Inspire Med Spa! Let us quickly help you get ready for your big day!

Bookings: 201-933-2333

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Celebrities Who’ve Had Liposuction

In the Hollywood world, everyone is obsessed with their appearance. Lots of celebrities have had work done but some prefer to keep it discreet, and thus, the have they or haven’t they game begins. Some stars, however, are very open about their procedures. Here are some stars you probably didn’t know have had liposuction.


Britney Spears

After giving birth to her two children, Britney Spears was subject to heavy media speculation and criticism as she was seen 30-40 pounds added to her thighs and midriff. Months later the extra chunk had gone missing. Rumors swirled that she had gotten a laser lipo treatment. The media attention thrusted her back into the limelight and helped her prepare for another tour.


Star Jones

Star Jones admittedly had liposuction. The procedure helped Jones to get a body structure she was comfortable with. She maintained her curvy physique after slimming down, which in turn earned her a lot of camera time and boosting her career.


Howard Stern

The radio personality turned reality star admitted to having liposuction to get rid of an unsightly double chin. He wanted to tighten his sagging face skin due to the aging process. He has also had a nose job to contour his nose to better suit his face.


Heidi Montag

The Hills star Heidi Montag has had several procedures including liposuction. She’s blamed insecurities for her going under the knife addiction. As she went in to have one procedure done, her doctor at the time recommended other procedures for her to do, and she felt she had to do it as he was telling her “what was wrong with her.”


Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to surgical procedures as she has gotten many: Breast implants, lip injections, veneers, rhinoplasty, and a chin implant (which she eventually had removed). Shortly before her appearance at the 2015 ESPY awards, she went and a got Smart Lipo procedure. She wanted to look even more toned than she already was for the event.


Dwayne Johnson

Also known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson had liposuction on his chest because it was starting to look too big. In 2005, he had gotten lipoplasty to correct pseudogynecomastia, a fancy term for a condition where access fat builds up in the male breast. A breast reduction, if you will.


Clay Aiken

American Idol Singer Clay Aiken admitted to liposuction on his chin. He underwent an operative surgery on his jaw for a temporomandibular joint. Aiken said, “you know what, while I’m already down, go ahead and take the vacuum in there and suck the fat out of my chin.”


NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes is not shy about having work done. “If anything falls, I pick it up,” said the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. Leakes admitted to having surgeries done in between seasons od RHoA including a nose job, breast reduction, and liposuction around her waist for more contouring.


Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashian family is always circulating in the news. Recently, youngest Kardashain sister Khloe came under fire after a source accused her of having “serious lipo done on her waistline, tummy, and legs.” The reality star fired back by tweeting she works out five days a week.


Kim Kardashian

Socialite Kim Kardashian’s appearance is constantly changing. Her first ex-husband Damon Thomas revealed that he paid for her to have liposuction. Star magazine obtained court papers that claimed Thomas forced Kardashian to get the procedure because she “had to be perfect for him.”





This article is based on popular news both local and international news sources. Inspire Med Spa claims no credit for any images, and facts featured on this site unless otherwise noted.



Aesthetics Cosmetics Med Spa Related Post Smart Lipo

What You Should Know About Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo has transitioned into the go-to procedure for unwanted fat removal. It’s now as popular as the “lunchtime procedures” because of how quickly it can be performed and that there is minimal downtime after the procedure is complete. Here are some facts you should know about Smart Lipo.


  • Though liposuction is fat removal, Smart Lipo is not for obese individuals. Smart Lipo is for removing fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise. This is more likely due to genes and not lifestyle. A good candidate for this procedure should be within 30% of their ideal body weight. A person should be fit, active and a non-smoker to really benefit.


  • The doctor may use a saltwater-based numbing medication and a medication to control bleeding before the fat removal, tumescent liposuction. This technique works by preventing excessive blood clots, swelling and bruising.


  • After injecting the mixture, the doctor will insert a hollow tube, called a cannula, into the incisions. The cannula has a laser tip that liquefies the fat. The fat can then be sucked out through the cannula with a small surgical vacuum or syringe. Melting the fat not only makes it easier to remove but it can also cut down on bruising and swelling.


  • Smart Lipo can remove fat from head to toe: legs, belly, hips, chest, neck, cheeks, jawline, you name it. It makes targeted body contouring possible and can be customized to fit your needs.


  • The procedure on average takes between 2-3 hours per session. Some people only need one treatment. Healing downtime can range from a few hours to a few days. Most patients are able to go back to work or regular routine within 1-2 days. Swelling usually goes down within a week.


  • Wearing a compression garment is recommended for 3-6 weeks. Compression garments help to prevent seromas from forming. For the first three weeks, it’s advised to wear the garment all day. After 3 weeks, the time can be cut down to 12 hours a day.


  • Results can be seen within a few days, but could also take a few months. Results can be permanent with a balance of maintaining it. Patients are advised to be vigilant with their diet and fitness routines. Though the fat will not grow back in the same area, if you gain weight it, fat will develop in other areas.


  • Smart Lipo is mostly performed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, but almost any doctor can offer liposuction without completing standardized training. Selection of the doctor and center matters. Don’t be shy, ask about the doctor’s training and experience. Pick a doctor you feel the most comfortable with. And don’t be afraid of getting a second opinion.


  • When performed by an experienced doctor, Smart Lipo is a safe procedure. But remember, it’s still a surgery. The most prominent and rarest risk is a blood clot or fat clot that travels through your bloodstream to your lungs or brain. Other more common risks include bleeding, infection, bruising, skin color change, numbness, and uneven skin contours.


  • Fat cells removed in liposuction might prove valuable use in the future! Fat cells are an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells, a type of stem cell that can be programmed to create bone, muscle, cartilage, and other tissues. Some studies suggest these stem cells may be able to help people with heart disease, diabetes, and neurological diseases.



You will be in the best hands with Inspire Med Spa. Let us help you reach your goals. Sign up for a consultation with us to discuss with our experts the best procedures for you. For more information regarding Smart Lipo please visit here.