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Smart Lipo as an innovative procedure for removing unwanted body fat through a single laser fiber. This FDA approved procedure, was made popular by Hollywood celebrities, Smart Lipo has rapidly become as popular as ‘Lunch Time Procedures’, such as botox and fillers. This minimally invasive procedure can be done under local anesthetics, having little to no reports of pain/pressure.  The cannula or tube with laser tip is moved in a back and forth motion, separating the fat particles which literally melts fat away, removing unwanted fat deposits, whilst toning and firming loose skin resulting in a youthful firm finish. Patience are able to return to their normal routines within as little as a day or two.



What is Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction cutting edge technology is a surgical technique use of a laser to liquefy the fat that improves the body’s contouring and help tighten the skin by removing excess fat deposits located between the skin and muscle to improve results, improve comfort level, and has benefits of minimize postoperative discomfort.

How long does it take to recover from Smart Lipo?

Smartlipo healing down time is not extremely long you will feel some discomfort in days or in some cases hours, of leaving the recovery room. Expect at least 1 to 2 days of rest is normally recommended, but most patients are able to return to work in 1-2 days later. The swelling generally goes away in no more than one week.

How long does the procedure take?

The Procedure only takes between average, 2-3 hours per session but some people only need one treatment.

How long does the compression garment need to be worn?

We recommend 3-6 weeks keep garment on all day because the compression garments help prevent seromas then after 3 weeks you can reduce the wearing of the garment down to at least 12 hours a day. We also include our packages with lymphatic drainage massages and IV vitamin therapy in order to have the best results.

When can I expect to see results?

The results are going to be very visible within a few days of improvement up to six months. The improvement from the SmartLip is clearly visible with good eating habits and exercising over the time period.

Will my Smartlipo results be permanent?

Yes Smartlipo can be a permanent results with a balance of maintaining it. Our existing fat cells simply get larger as they fill up with smartlipo laser liposuction actually removes most fat cells in the treatment area. We would advise our liposuction patients to be vigilant with their diet and fitness routine. The Smartlipo procedure actually removes most fat cells from the treatment area causing them to not grow back.

Is laser liposuction painful?

Patients don’t experience much pain during the procedure, receiving local anesthetic for comfort. As the anesthetic wears off, there may be some sight soreness and minimal discomfort that can be alleviated with Tylenol every four hours.

The Benefits of Smart Lipo

  • Minimal tissue trauma resulting in faster recovery than the traditional liposuction procedure.
  • Minimally Invasive.
  • Rids you of unwanted fat deposits.
  • Little to no post procedure discomfort.
  • Promotes tissue condensation resulting in dermal tightening.
  • Little to no bruising.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin.
  • Improve body contour.