Carboxy Therapy is the new, simple and proven technique that can dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite, stretchmarks and skin by increasing the metabolism of adipose tissue (Fat) and improving the quality and firmness of the skin. Treatments are quick, comfortable and effective for a high percentage of patients.


How does carboxytherapy work for cellulite and fat reduction?
When injected via a specific technique, carbon dioxide gas is directly toxic to fat cells. The fat cells literally burst and are eliminated by the body.

How is Carbon Dioxide Therapy performed?
A non surgical technique where by CO2 is infiltrated into the subcutaneous fat via the smallest needle available. From one injection point the carbon dioxide diffuses easily into adjacent tissues so you won’t feel like a pin cushion. Treatments take 15-20 minutes.

What should I expect from the treatment?
Every person is unique and although good results are expected, it is impossible to obtain 100% correction. Realistic expectations (depending on severity of the condition) would be an improvement in the treatment area with a series of weekly treatments. The improvements achieved with carboxytherapy are generally temporary and require maintenance treatments every as often as every 1 to 6 months. Some patients exceed our expectations, and some respond below expectations it it impossible to guarantee results.

Is there any down time?
No. There is no down time.

Is it painful?
Expected side effects include pinpoint minimal bleeding, discomfort or pain during the treatment, redness, bloating, warmth, temporary swelling that last for a few minutes.

Is it for all skin types?
Our body produces CO2 naturally in every breathe we exhale. Large volumes of CO2 gas are used regularly to facilitate laparoscopic abdominal surgery. CO2 is very safe for all skin types and no permanent side effects have been recorded with carboxytherapy.

Will I need Maintenance?
Maintenance treatments are required for continued results as often as every 1 to 6 months. The final results may not be apparent for several weeks after the treatment series.